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~Remove the bandage the following morning. If you have the "sticky" bandage then leave it on for two nights.

~Do not wash use a wash rag or bar of soap directly on the tattoo

~Lather with soap and water and wash tattoo with your hand

~Wash the area until it feels like the rest of the skin

~If it is still slimey or gooey then continue to wash until all that is gone

~Once the area is washed then rinse the tattoo


~Each time you wash the tattoo it is important to get the tattoo back to dry

~So, dry the tattoo off completely, give it a minute to weep any fluids, dry it off again

~Repeat these steps until the tattoo is completely dry

~Once the tattoo is dry, you are done for the day

~If the tattoo is not dry and you put clothes on it then the tattoo will stay wet under your clothes all day

~It is not important to wash the tattoo more than once per day

~No swimming, No sauna, No Hot tubs or anywhere your new tattoo will be exposed to prolonged moisture

~Once the tattoo starts to peel and flake like a sunburn then feel free to use lotion or Vitalitree salve

~Apply minimal amounts of lotion and ensure all lotion is completely rubbed in

~Do not expose the new tattoo to direct sunlight while healing

~After the tattoo is healed use SPF45 or better sunblock to ensure colors stay bright and crisp